SeeBorg is a random phrase bot that will sit on IRC channel, learning the talk, and periodically replying with something that is generated from the talk learned before. It usually doesn't make much sense, but sometimes it's funny, and sometimes very hilarious.

It uses Markov Chain algorithm for building reply messages. It is a C++ clone of PyBorg, originally written by Tom Morton. There are some configuration options that will make you able to tweak some of the bot's behaviour. Also if you set yourself as an owner, you will get access to IRC trigger commands (those that begin with '!').

This software is subject to the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later - see the accompanying COPYING file.


Latest version is v0.51:

Version 0.51 is a bugfix re-release - irc module in 0.5 was incorrectly forcing locale to be “ru_RU.CP1251”.

I strongly recommend you to download this release if you are using 0.5.

See the README file for further instructions and documentation.


Before it can react the way it's meant to, you will need to build up a dictionary. The best way to do that is to disable bot's ability to speak (speaking =0) for first two weeks. That will avoid much attention to the bot and keep the dictionary clean from futile attempts to talk to it.

Default settings are similar to default settings that are in PyBorg, but with these the bot can become pretty annoying, so I recommend tuning them down. My favourite settings are: set replyrate to 0%, replynick to 90% and replymagic to 90%.

Older versions

Not available at the moment.

Version 0.5 seeborg-0.5.tar.gz, seeborg-0.5.tar.bz2
Version 0.4 seeborg-0.4.tar.gz, seeborg-0.4.tar.bz2