Hello and welcome to my (pretty much empty) site!

My name's HMage.

I make music, I DJ, I code, I eat tea.


You can find my music on Youtube, Soundcloud and Spotify.

If for some crazy reason you want to pay for music and support me financially, you can do this on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon or Bandcamp.

I also have Twitter and Tumblr where I spam random nonsensical stuff — feel free to chat up with me there, I don't bite.

Sometimes I do live DJ mixes on Mixlr, but that's quite uncommon, don't go there expecting any activity.

Besides that, facebook page exists and I also was kinda forced to have a Google+ page. Whatever.


I also have several projects in various stages of completeness.

Random notes

Also, this site is used as a personal notepad for random scribbles, things and links that I want to keep preserved without re-hunting for them in the internet:


  • Prevent a partition from automounting — in /etc/fstab:
    UUID=FAB060E9-79F7-33FF-BE85-E1D3ABD3EDEA  none     hfs    rw,noauto
  • Tar into a sorted archive:
    find directory -not -type d | rev | sort | rev | tar cv -T - | xz > directory.tar.xz
  • List installed dpkg packages by size (in kilobytes):
    dpkg-query -Wf '${Installed-Size}\t${Package}\n' | sort -n
  • Change ELF's interpreter and runpath –
  • Have SSL and SSH on same port – sslh.
  • Remove duplicate lines without sorting:
    awk '!x[$0]++'
  • Avoid creating temporary files to feed as filename:
    diff -u <(sort /etc/passwd) <(shuf /etc/passwd | sort)
  • Dump backtraces for all processes in pidlist:
    for i in $pidlist; do gdb -batch -n -ex 'thread apply all bt' -p "$i"; done
  • Tame APT:
  • Acquire::Languages "none";
    APT::Install-Recommends "false";
    APT::Install-Suggests "false";
  • Prevent NTP server from panicking inside suspended VM's:
    tinker panic 0
  • Quickly set up a vpn server on Debian – vpn





For archival reasons, I am keeping page for my IRC chatbot alive because of many external sites linking there. Last time I touched the code was in somewhere around 2009 and I doubt I'll continue working on it. But I think it won't hurt having it here.